Prisma Cloud

When USAA was starting its move to an API-driven platform running in containers (Docker, at the time), I was fortunate to be involved in the tool selection and integration process for vulnerability management and runtime security products. As the company settled on OpenShift and the InfoSec team settled on Twistlock (now Prisma), I worked across functions and pillars to get the tool integrated into the vulnerability aggregation/ticketing systems, CI/CD pipelines, the runtime environment, and the SOC tools. 2 years later, the process was very mature and had vulnerabilities getting remediated in record time, blocking images with vulnerabilities over a certain threshold from being allowed to execute, etc. I’m very proud of this project!

Tools Used/Integrated

In January 2021, USAA filed a non-provisional patent application based on the work I put into the incident response design for this environment. As the lead inventor, I’m excited and hoping to see that issue sometime in the 2022-2024 range.