Policy as Code

In late 2020 I took ownership of governing Terraform-based cloud deployment pipelines. After an initial survey of the tooling & architecture landscape, I evaluated several tools, ultimately selecting Hashicorp Sentinel to be the Policy-as-Code (“PaC”) tool of choice. I then architected and implemented the SDLC used to deliver policies and an SDLC for the policies themselves so as to provide robust testing & validation, distributed collaboration, and auditability.

Tools/Products used

Project Details

This project needed to satisfy the requirements of a highly regulated global bank with a large development team, meaning that the challenges of scaling such as exceptions, site reliability engineering, and automating processes would be critical to success.

Cross-Domain Collaboration:

  • Working with the pipeline team to ensure mutual success on pipeline functionality & UX
  • Continuously monitor developer experience channels for mentions
  • Stakeholder/developer outreach to interpret issues/motivations into product improvements
  • Influence other teams' backlogs & roadmaps based on required features & integrations
  • Participation in Hashicorp Financial Services User Group for cross-company ideas exchange


Enabling globally dispersed collaboration on policy sets requires easy onboarding, repeatable processes, and lots of testing. Here’s some of what I implemented as I onboarded new engineers and observed their feedback:

Templatized Policy Creation: Enable rapid & repeatable workflows by templatizing policies

  • Uses cookiecutter
  • Pre-commit hooks validate naming and branching
  • Post-commit hooks create & switch to the feature branch, create the policy, test template files, insert policy record into sentinel.hcl, and create a slow-roll deployment

Git Pre-Commit Hooks: Catch often-missed things before running a pipeline, saving time and improving the developer experience

  • Using git’s custom git hooks feature
  • Runs sentinel fmt on all the policies prior to committing
  • Runs custom internal linting on sentinel.hcl prior to committing

CI Testing: Ensure policy sets are thoroughly validated and tested prior to deployment. Only the Sentinel Test stage out of these is built into the product; the rest were custom development.

  • Runs a check to ensure directory & file structure is as intended
  • Ensures at least one passing and one failing unit test are declared for each policy
  • Parses and lints the sentinel.hcl file to ensure policies will properly load and run
  • Runs sentinel test on each of the policies to ensure that all unit tests are passing

Continuous Delivery: Allow tailored policy deployment 24x7 and incremental changes. None of these are built into the product; they are all custom development I personally did or designed & managed the delivery of:

  • Checks for valid exceptions which are still in their authorized date range
  • Creates custom policy sets with exceptions for each Terraform Org/Workspace
  • Builds/uploads the artifact to the artifact repository for fast rollback and auditability
  • Deploys policy sets to all the deployment targets
  • Nightly job runs to re-evaluate validity of each exception and re-deploys as needed
    • No exception is accidentally left in place!
  • In Progress - Download & store Sentinel mocks from all workspaces for integration testing
  • In Progress - Integration testing via Sentinel Mocks to avoid running 1000’s of plans
    • Offers representative coverage at a fraction of the cost & time

Continuous Monitoring: In Progress when I left the firm - Ensure policies are consistently applied effectively & correctly, detect outages, and provide data insights for data-driven decision making.

  • Poll for policy set hits, individual policy hits, and the results of the evaluations
  • Track data for rollup metrics, trend data, and allowing data-driven policy promotions
  • Use insights for training, identifying areas to strengthen, and threat modeling
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    Cloud, Security, Devops
  • Timeframe

    Oct. 2020-Sep. 2021
  • Position

    VP, Cloud Native Security Engineering, Citigroup
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