New Consuting Services Coming Soon!!!

I’ve had a lot of inquiries about consulting lately, especially regarding Cloud Security, CI/CD and SDLC for InfoSec professionals, training, and especially Hashicorp Sentinel expertise. By August 19, 2021, I’ll be officially open for business as Dolpheus LLC!!!

Site Changes

Of course I’ll move my resume and portfolio to one of my other domains, but I know the blog has been a source of interest. Rest assured, I plan to increase my blog participation with this change. Look for a new site launch to be before the end of August. As one might imagine, the next month or so will involve a lot of transferring assets and IP from me to the company, so bear with us as we make this transition.

Open Source Contributions

Finding the balance between what to open source vs. what to sell is a tricky one, but I can confidently say that Dolpheus LLC is a big proponent, supporter, and advocate for open source technology, initiatives, and communities. Our lives as tech professionals – especially as cybersecurity folks – are built on open source technology, so we fully intend to give back in kind. Is there something in particular of ours you’d like to see open sourced? Let us know!!!

Thank you all, and we’re excited to launch the next chapter as Dolpheus LLC!